6 Month Budget Passes House - Higher Ed, P-12, and Transportation Projects Get Help

Bryant Supports Six Month Budget to Aid 
Schools, Higher Ed and Road Projects

Springfield….State Representative Terri Bryant joined a bipartisan coalition of legislators in the Illinois House today in supporting a stopgap funding measure designed to make sure schools open on time, higher education receives critical funding, human services providers are kept afloat, and road projects continue.

“Today’s action on SB 2047 provides needed funding for many items that State government is supposed to have been taking care of for many months,” Bryant said. “There are parts of this plan that I am ecstatic about, but I want to be realistic and note that there are many, many folks left out of this budget because it is afterall just a temporary spending plan.”

Among the highlights of SB 2047 is a guarantee for funding for Pre-K through 12 schools to ensure that they can open on time and that they can operate for the entire school year.

“A major priority of mine was to get more money for the schools in my district,” Bryant said. “I am pleased to report that every school in my district will get more money this year than they did last year. That’s a win for southern Illinois. The parents, teachers, and school administrators should be applauded for never giving up the fight for a budget to ensure schools would open on time and stay open all year.”

The legislation provides funding for community colleges, Southern Illinois University and for MAP grant recipients. Bryant says she is also thankful to all of her constituents that have written, called, emailed and visited her office to urge passage of a higher education budget.

“What we were able to achieve is only one part of the funding that higher education needs,” Bryant said. “That being said, we’re better off passing a 6 month stopgap bill to allow SIU, John A. Logan College, Shawnee College, and Rend Lake College to continue their operations and to allow low income students the opportunity to obtain a world class education.”

Human services providers will also receive $700 million in much needed funding to continue current services and to catch up on past due bills. 25,000 jobs will be saved as of July 1 as road projects will continue uninterrupted in the State due to today’s legislative action.

“Today’s a good day, but we aren’t done,” Bryant said. “There’s much more to do.”

Below are items covered by today's budget passage: 

K-12 Education:
Increases General State Aid by $361 million

Equity Grant to assist high poverty schools

$75 million increase to early childhood education

Full year of funding for fiscal year ‘17

Higher Education
$1 billion in funding for universities, community colleges, MAP Grants, adult education, career & technical education, Illinois Math & Science academy operations

Covers FY ‘16 & first half of FY ‘17

Human Services
Includes $667 million in funds from the Commitment to Human Services Fund for programs not currently operating under court order

Covers 65% of full funding for the 18 month period

Includes programs that were suspended, such as autism programs, Teen Reach & other youth programs.

Agency Operations
Funded from the Budget Stabilization Fund ($275 million), General Revenue Funds ( $448 million) and Commitment to Human Services Fund ($31 million) for operational expenses. These amounts will pay for expenses such as utilities, FOID, medical care, gas, etc.

The bills include appropriations for IDOT projects, EPA projects and other development projects that have had to shut down mid-construction

Other State Funds
Includes items such as federal funds for the Area Agencies on Aging, LUST fund reimbursements, emergency response appropriations and other similar programs.

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