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Though the work of the 99th General Assembly has not been finished, the calendar for regularly scheduled session days has expired. A furious month of May concluded with an action packed last week. This was especially true on the last day of the regularly scheduled session, May 31.

Late last night, the Senate rejected a budget sent to them by Speaker Madigan and House Democrats. The Speaker and House Democrats responded in kind by rejecting a bill that purported to fund Pre-K through 12th Grade elementary and high school operations.

Earlier in the day, the Governor and House Republican Leaders signed on to a plan to provide stopgap education spending through the end of this fiscal year (16) and for half of the upcoming fiscal year 17. HB 6583 was proposed as an alternative to keep schools open. It includes funding for our schools to ensure they can open their doors in August.

The second bill, HB 6585 also includes funding for critical human services and for colleges and universities. Our proposal prioritizes road construction, new school construction, and EPA driven water safety initiatives.

The bill also contains $180 million in funding for the Department of Human Services, Department of Aging, and for the Department of Public health. Our most vulnerable citizens, both young and old, depend on the State to make its payments on time so their quality of life can be maintained. It is the House Republicans’ belief that this stopgap funding plan should pass right away to provide certainty to many segments of our society that rely on Illinois to pass and manage a balanced budget.

In addition to providing critical and stable funding, the House Republican stopgap budget plan is unique in the following way: It actually identifies sources of revenue to pay for its spending. The House Democrat budget that failed in the Senate was $7 billion out of balance, and sought to spend more money in a single fiscal year than any budget has ever contained.

When the Illinois House returns to action on Wednesday June 8, I will be pushing all of my colleagues to pass these stopgap measures to allow for the General Assembly to continue negotiating a compromise and a solution to our lack of a budget for the 2nd straight session. The people of our State deserve better than the chaos and uncertainty that currently exists.

To learn more about the education stopgap funding proposal please visit:

You can watch House Republican Leader Jim Durkin’s explanation of HB 6585 by visiting:

Molly’s Law Heads to the Governor for Signature

An initiative driven by Larry Young, father of the late Molly Young, to change the statute of limitations in wrongful death cases and one that would add stiffer financial penalties to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act for non-compliance has passed both the House and Senate and now heads to the Governor for his signature. The package of bills we named, “Molly’s Law” cleared a final hurdle on Tuesday evening. 

Yesterday’s unanimous passage of HB 6083 out of the House is a victory for the Young family and I want to thank Molly Young’s father, Mr. Larry Young, and the entire Justice for Molly movement for their support for this bill and for their efforts to lobby their own elected officials to ensure that this bill passed. I worked hard to compromise with those that wanted to make some minor changes to this bill in the Senate, and I am very proud to announce it received unanimous support from my House colleagues on Tuesday evening.

HB 6083 extends the statute of limitations for wrongful death cases to 5 years, instead of 2 as is the current law. Bryant says this change is important for families that are trying to get their day in court. 

Earlier this week, the other piece of Molly’s Law, HB 4715, passed the House and moved to the Governor’s desk. That bill allows a maximum fine of $5000 for public bodies that refuse to turn over documents under the Freedom of Information Act by court order or a binding opinion  from the Illinois Attorney General  and adds a fine of $1000 per day for every day the public agency is not compliant.

I want to thank my legislative colleagues, Molly Young’s family, and members of the Justice for Molly movement. I will lobby the Governor hard to get his signature on Molly’s Law very quickly.

I want to invite you to walk with the Jackson County Republican Party and my campaign volunteers on Saturday June 4 at 2:30 PM in Ava. If you need more information please either email me at or call my campaign office at 618-204-5868. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you this weekend in Ava!

My annual Golf Outing this year will be on Friday June 24 at the Jackson County Country Club in Murphysboro. Please click on the sign up sheet below to be directed to my website where you can download and print the invitation form. I look forward to seeing you for a great day of golf on one of Southern Illinois' nicest courses, and a fantastic line up of prizes and delicious lunch and dinner. Fore! more information please call Kathy at 618-534-4787.


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