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Last week in Springfield you may have heard that two separate proposals regarding changing the way Illinois' legislative maps are drawn died in separate legislative chambers. The two proposals would have put a question before the voters in November asking if they would agree to amend the Illinois Constitution to allow for changes to legislative map making process. In the House, I voted to change the map drawing process. For too long, Illinois has allowed its politicians to draw their own legislative district maps. This incumbent protection scheme has led to gerrymandered districts and has allows politicians to choose their voters, instead of it being the other way around.

Even though the legislative proposals died, there was positive news on this front in Springfield last week. If you hadn't heard, there is an independent reform oriented group that has been collecting signatures to place a similar question regarding map making on the November ballot. Last week, the Independent Maps Coalition delivered petitions to the Illinois State Board of Elections totaling more than 570,000 signatures. That is indeed a very significant accomplishment, and a testament to the overwhelming support among Illinoisans for changes to this process.

Before the question will be officially placed on the ballot, challenges to the petitions and a legal challenge to the underlying questions is expected. It is my hope that the Independent Maps Coalition is successful in getting this very important issue in front of the voters. To learn more about the Independent Map Amendment please visit:

Much work remains to do in Springfield. The legislature returns to action tomorrow and I'll have an update for you as events unfold. Click below to see pictures and stories of my travels in the 115th district last week! 

Juvenile Diabetes Fundraiser in Anna - 

On Friday May 6, some great 1st-4th graders from Anna, Illinois finished their fundraising efforts for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation with a walk and a fun day at Anna Park. Pictured with me here are Chloe Biggerstaff and her teacher Janet Boyd. Chloe has Type I Diabetes. She inspires me!! These awesome young people raised almost $9,000 with their hard work. Congratulations everyone and keep up the great work!


Special Olympics in Carbondale
Saturday was an awesome day for the Special Olympic Spring Games in Carbondale. Rick and I are pictured below with our friend and Special Olympian Mark Shepherd as well as volunteers and long time friends Paulette Valier and Jody Goetting. 
We also saw Olympians Olivia Watson, Deanne Armes, and Brenna Asbury just to name a few. A wonderful time was had and the competition was fantastic.




FFA Banquet Season!

One of my favorite annual events to attend are FFA Banquets at the many high schools across the 115th District. Last week, I was happy to attend FFA Banquets at Shawnee High School and at Nashville High School. Both banquets are fantastic and celebrate the students' hard work and commitment to FFA. Congratulations to all. 

FFA_Shawnee.jpg nashville_ffa.jpg


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