Rep. Bryant Favors Term Limits for Legislators


Rep. Bryant Favors Term Limits for Legislators

Murphysboro…State Representative Terri Bryant is calling on House Speaker Michael Madigan to work with Republicans to put the question of term limits for legislators and the Governor on the November 2018 ballot. Bryant is calling on her colleagues in the legislature to come out in favor of term limits as well.

“Today I’m calling on all members of the General Assembly, especially Speaker Madigan, to work to put a term limits question before the voters of the State of Illinois,” Bryant said. “A large majority of Illinoisans support term limits to stop career politicians.Career political insiders in Springfield and Chicago have been cutting special deals for themselves for decades now. Its time to enact term limits in Illinois to change the system for good.”

Bryant says she supports term limits to end situations like the one that currently exists in Illinois, where decades-long House Speaker Michael Madigan has amassed almost total power, control, and influence over the legislative process.

“In the case of Speaker Madigan, nearly four decades of unchecked power and control is too much,” Bryant said. “The results of one-man, one-party rule in Illinois have been disastrous. I’m going to work to get a term limits question on the ballot in November 2018 so the people of Illinois can change their own Constitution and end the practice of making political service a lifelong career,” Bryant said.


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