Terri Bryant Applauds Supreme Court’s Ruling That State Retiree Benefits Cannot Be Impaired

Murphysboro…Following the ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court on state retiree benefits, State Representative Candidate for the 115th District, Terri Bryant, released the following statement.

“I was pleased to hear that the Supreme Court agrees with what many of us already knew to be true, that state employee benefits cannot be impaired in anyway.  Hopefully, this ruling foreshadows the overturning of this unconstitutional pension reform law passed in 2013.

While I do realize something must be done to reform our pension system, I will only support a bill that is constitutional and fairly negotiated with labor unions.  We can’t have a pension reform law that places virtually the entire burden on state retirees, that’s just plain wrong.  When elected, I will be an advocate for state workers and their families.”

Terri Bryant is the Republican candidate for State Representative of the 115th District.  The district encompasses all or parts of the counties of Jackson, Jefferson, Washington, Perry and Union.

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