Terri Bryant Supports Legislation to Pay Unpaid State Worker Back Wages

Murphysboro, IL…Following an unexpected increase in projected state funds, State Representative candidate of the 115th District, Terri Bryant, supports legislation that would ensure that the newly available moneys will be appropriated towards paying off AFSCME back wages.

Recently the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) released projections of a revenue increase of $1.2 billion dollars compared to this time last year.  SB3657 and HB 5451 would reallocate these additional funds to pay down unpaid past due bills with an emphasis on the AFSCME back wages.

“AFSCME back wages represent the oldest unpaid bill we have in Illinois,” said Terri Bryant.  “When Illinois is presented with a surplus of funds our number one priority should be paying down our back log of unpaid bills.”

In addition, it is estimated that over $5 million of the unpaid back wages are for residents of the 115th Legislative District.

“I believe it is very important that Illinois stands firm on the financial commitments it has made,” Bryant added. “We made a promise to these workers and their families that they would receive the pay that they have earned.  It’s time we followed through on that promise.”

Terri Bryant is the Republican candidate for State Representative of the 115th District.  The district encompasses all or parts of the counties of Jackson, Jefferson, Washington, Perry and Union.

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