Congressman Bost Endorses Terri Bryant for State Representative!



Carbondale….With just over one month to go before Election Day, State Representative Terri Bryant earned a major endorsement in the race for 115th district State Representative. Congressman Mike Bost joined Bryant for a Thursday press conference at Com-Pac international in Carbondale to offer his endorsement for Bryant for State Representative.

“It is such an honor to be here with Mike Bost today and to join with friends, family, and supporters of my campaign at one of the great manufacturing operations in the all of Southern Illinois,” Bryant said. “To have Congressman Bost’s endorsement in this race means a great deal. He has been an outstanding representative in Washington, carrying with him the values that hard working Southern Illinois families share.”

Bost served as 115th State Representative in Springfield until 2015 and endorsed Bryant for the seat he vacated to run for 12th District US Representative during her 2014 campaign against Bill Kilquist. Bost and Bryant both hail from Murphysboro and both were successful in their 2014 bids. Now as 12th district Congressman, Bost says he once again believes Bryant is best suited to serve Southern Illinois in Springfield.

“It is my honor today to offer my full endorsement for Terri Bryant for re-election as 115th district State Representative,” Bost said. “As a resident of Terri’s district, and as a concerned citizen of the State of Illinois, I am proud to say Terri Bryant went to Springfield and got things done under difficult circumstances.”

“Terri Bryant has served with honor and distinction, and she’s accomplished a lot in a short period of time,” Bost continued. “The climate in Springfield is very divided, almost as much as it is in Washington, but Terri passed six bills into law as a Freshman legislator. SIU got $100 million and public schools in her district opened on time and with more money for this school year than any in the past seven years. She already has a long record of success, but Terri Bryant can get a lot more done for a State that has a lot of work to do.”

Bryant and Bost were joined by Com-Pac CEO Greg Sprehe, employees of Com-Pac International, and local government and party officials for the endorsement announcement.