Terri Bryant Announces Re-Election Campaign

State Representative Terri Bryant Announces Re-Election Campaign

115th District State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) has announced she will seek re-election to another term in the Illinois House of Representatives. Bryant is currently in her 2nd term as 115th District State Representative.


Though in her second term, Bryant is still considered a legislative freshman. She was previously sworn in to fill out the remainder of former State Rep. Mike Bost’s term upon his election to the US Congress in 2014. Bryant   says her first full term as State Representative has been a challenging, but rewarding learning experience. 

“The real honor in this job is serving my fellow Southern Illinoisans as their Representative in Springfield,” Bryant said. “The State of Illinois is facing challenges of enormous magnitude at this point in our history, and we need to focus on passing every measure we can to grow our economy.” 

Bryant says her legislative accomplishments so far have included passing 4 bills into law, having received no opposition to any of her legislation from ruling Democrats. Bryant says she is proud of her legislative record.

“The legislation I’ve sponsored and passed has helped cut the size of government, protect jobs for our service men and women, and incentivize industry to reinvest in Illinois,” Bryant said.

Bryant also reflected on some of the more challenging issues she has encountered during this spring’s legislative session, which has bled into a 4 month overtime session and no budget agreement. 

“I’ve been discouraged by the lack of willingness by Chicago Democrats that control the General Assembly to admit that the way they have run Illinois government for the last 12 years has caused most of our problems,” Bryant said.

Illinois is facing a growing budget deficit and currently owes vendors $7 billion in unpaid bills. Bryant says she will keep urging the Democrat leaders of the General Assembly to work to help solve Illinois’ fiscal issues.

“Our state’s financial problems are a direct result of Chicago Democrats’ mismanagement of taxpayer money and the abuse of their total control of Illinois government for more than a decade,” Bryant said. “When I win re-election, I will continue representing my district to the best of my ability. I am going to focus on encouraging private businesses to invest and grow in Illinois so we can expand our tax base and provide some much needed relief to hard working middle class families.”





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commented 2016-03-06 19:57:18 -0600 · Flag
Getting a budget passed is a big deal, but we down stater’s know its mostly in the hands of the Democrats, that’s not to say the Republicans get a pass on this one. However What I would like to see done as much as getting a budget is…….. and I believe anyone that knows what HOME-RULE really is, or what it means to our public rights would want to see a State Constitution Amendment. (The Constitution of the State of Illinois : ARTICLE VII ; LOCAL GOVERNMENT : SECTION 6. POWERS OF HOME RULE UNITS). States The following, In section 6, it states (“Except as limited by this Section, a home rule unit may exercise any power and perform any function pertaining to its government and affairs including, but not limited to, the power to regulate for the protection of the public health, safety, morals and welfare; to license; to tax; and to incur Debt.”) This part of the Constitution Miss Bryant gives City governments the right to all of the above; all without a vote from the people. This is not a Constitution but a socialist, communist, doctrine; and this voter for one is not surprised that Illinois has such a “Constitution”. One that removes all rights of the people living in a Home-Rule City to vote on taxation, and hold City official accountable during their term. What Home-Rule towns have is taxation without representation, and unlimited spending and taxing power by City officials. So I would ask you again as I did when you visited Mount Vernon Representative Bryant that you work on returning the rights of all people in Home-rule towns to vote, by putting forth and hopefully passing a Constitution Amendment.
commented 2016-03-01 10:53:44 -0600 · Flag
I do not feel that you should be running for re election. Illinois needs a budget passed. You people elected by the people should get off your lazy butts and go to work. Get that budget passed. If is so cool to run around proclaiming that you are an elected official,. Well, try telling that to the professors at John A Logan college that are getting layoff papers. let’ s just face fact. You all do not give a care.
I would like to see you all fired. That is not an option, so how about no PAY until the budget is passed.
People in the know are telling their friends that even SIU is going to be demoted to a college.
Well, thank you very much to our representative and Illinois senators. This absolutely is un acceptable. It certainly feels that you have forgotten what you are to do. Get the BUDGET passed. Bite the bullet and get the work done and quite being part of the olé’ bops club.
Marie Blankenship
Carbondale IL.


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