Terri Bryant Announces Re-Election Campaign

State Representative Terri Bryant Announces Re-Election Campaign

115th District State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) has announced she will seek re-election to another term in the Illinois House of Representatives. Bryant is currently in her 2nd term as 115th District State Representative.


Though in her second term, Bryant is still considered a legislative freshman. She was previously sworn in to fill out the remainder of former State Rep. Mike Bost’s term upon his election to the US Congress in 2014. Bryant   says her first full term as State Representative has been a challenging, but rewarding learning experience. 

“The real honor in this job is serving my fellow Southern Illinoisans as their Representative in Springfield,” Bryant said. “The State of Illinois is facing challenges of enormous magnitude at this point in our history, and we need to focus on passing every measure we can to grow our economy.” 

Bryant says her legislative accomplishments so far have included passing 4 bills into law, having received no opposition to any of her legislation from ruling Democrats. Bryant says she is proud of her legislative record.

“The legislation I’ve sponsored and passed has helped cut the size of government, protect jobs for our service men and women, and incentivize industry to reinvest in Illinois,” Bryant said.

Bryant also reflected on some of the more challenging issues she has encountered during this spring’s legislative session, which has bled into a 4 month overtime session and no budget agreement. 

“I’ve been discouraged by the lack of willingness by Chicago Democrats that control the General Assembly to admit that the way they have run Illinois government for the last 12 years has caused most of our problems,” Bryant said.

Illinois is facing a growing budget deficit and currently owes vendors $7 billion in unpaid bills. Bryant says she will keep urging the Democrat leaders of the General Assembly to work to help solve Illinois’ fiscal issues.

“Our state’s financial problems are a direct result of Chicago Democrats’ mismanagement of taxpayer money and the abuse of their total control of Illinois government for more than a decade,” Bryant said. “When I win re-election, I will continue representing my district to the best of my ability. I am going to focus on encouraging private businesses to invest and grow in Illinois so we can expand our tax base and provide some much needed relief to hard working middle class families.”





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Rep. Bryant Passes Legislation to Cut Costs for Widows

Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) received unanimous support for the second piece of legislation she passed through the House of Representatives this week. HB 3797 would help widows and widowers cut the cost of expensive transfers of car titles. Bryant says this legislation was drafted at the request of a constituent who experienced the hardship upon the death of her husband.

“I introduced HB 3797 to help cut down on the expensive transfer of a vehicle title when someone’s spouse dies. Right now, this costs the surviving spouse $95. I worked hard with the Secretary of State’s office and we were able to drop that fee down to $15, making it much more affordable,” Bryant said.

Bryant says she will now focus on gaining support from the Illinois Senate and ultimately moving the bill to the Governor’s desk.

“This legislation offers a much needed cut to costs experienced by individuals dealing with the death of a spouse,” Bryant said. “It also responds to a specific concern expressed by a constituent. As legislators, I think we have a responsibility to be proactive when constituents come to us with a hardship.”

To contact Rep. Bryant, please visit www.repbryant.com and follow the Contact link. You may also call her district office at (618) 242-8115 or email her at [email protected].


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Rep. Bryant Passes First Bill through House

Rep. Terri Bryant Moves Legislation to Aid in Energy Development, Create Jobs

Springfield…State Rep. Terri Bryant (R – Murphysboro) received unanimous support from the Illinois House of Representatives in Springfield on Tuesday for legislation that would assist prospective oil and natural gas drilling companies with the application and permit process.

HB 3430 would require the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to provide a letter of notification to businesses that are denied a permit to begin drilling for oil or natural gas.

Currently, after a 20 day time period passes, applications are automatically denied and no notification as to why is given. Rep. Bryant explained the hardship this causes for potential drillers.

“We have entrepreneurs willing to risk private capital in the effort to create jobs and increase our fossil fuel reserves. Those efforts contribute positively to our economy. The major issue is that without some form of notification as to why permit applications are denied, small business owners and employers are forced to pay more in application fees and wait long periods of time for direction from the Department,” Bryant said. “HB 3430 is a measure designed to provide clarity to potential oil and natural gas drilling businesses by requiring that a letter stating where their application has fallen short be sent to them in a timely manner.”

With the unanimous passage of HB 3430, Bryant has now passed her first bill out of the House and on to the Senate. To follow the legislation’s progress, or to sign up for e-mail newsletter updates, please visit www.repbryant.com.

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Terri Bryant officially sworn in as State Representative

Terri Bryant of Murphysboro was sworn in today as the next State Representative of the 115th district.  Bryant was sworn into office ten days before the inauguration of the 99th Illinois General Assembly to fill the vacancy created by newly elected U.S. Congressman Mike Bost earlier this morning.

Bryant’s oath was administered by Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier; with her husband, Rick, as well as their family, friends and colleagues in attendance.

“I am ready to go to work for the people of Southern Illinois,” said Rep. Bryant.  “Our state faces many challenges and I’m honored to be filling the shoes of someone who has represented our area so ardently for so many years.  I’ll continue our fight for area jobs and values while listening to my constituents.”

Bryant, a long-standing public servant within the Illinois Department of Corrections, began her service the same year Bost was first elected to the Illinois General Assembly.  His retirement kicked off a flurry of interest in the long held seat culminating in Bryant’s eventual selection to the seat.

“Mike Bost was a crusader for our area, and it is my hope that I can pick up where he left off,” added Bryant.  “It’s imperative we do not go unrepresented which is why we’re here today the same day my predecessor is moving on.  There’s a special session in a few days where anything can happen; I’m honored I can head up early and get to work.”

Bryant was elected State Representative in the November 2014 election. Representative Bryant began her public service at the Illinois Department of Corrections.  She started her career at an entry level and rose to the rank of Public Service Administrator at the Pinckneyville Correctional Center and the DuQuoin Impact Incarceration Program.

In addition to her normal duties over the Dietary Department, Bryant served as a member of the Illinois Department of Corrections Religious Practices Advisory Board, and as an internal as well as an external auditor.  Bryant recently concluded her service to prepare for her full time service as State Representative.

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Terri Bryant: Illinois Budget for FY15 is “Irresponsible”

Murphysboro, IL…On Thursday, the Illinois House of Representatives approved their FY15 budget.  State Representative candidate for the 115th District, Terri Bryant, was disillusioned with the fact that the new budget assumes that the temporary 67% tax increase will become permanent.

The new budget of $37.3 billion is $2.8 billion higher than the projected revenue of $34.5 billion.  This budget is significantly higher than estimated revenue and effectively requires the temporary tax increase to become permanent in order to pay the bills.

“It is irresponsible for Illinois to pass a budget that clearly counts on keeping the temporary tax increase permanent,” said Terri Bryant.  “We need to focus on reducing our spending and paying down unpaid bills instead of spending ourselves into oblivion.  The last thing Illinois families and businesses need in this jobs climate is for this tax increase to continue.”

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